Message From the President...

PLAN Construction, Inc. is a New York City based Construction Company. We provide a wide range of services in commercial and residential general contracting and construction management.

We have successfully completed numerous projects throughout the tri-state area. The motto we live by is "we are called to put up a door, which simply open's another". Moreover, all of our projects are completed in a timely manner, and in a safe and professional fashion.

PLAN offers an array of services which include all levels of budgeting, project estimating, project analysis, value engineering, in addition to job-site management, project phasing, and essential communication with architects, engineers and owners.

As president, I have over 20 years of construction experience, and our staff consists of experienced professionals with extensive construction knowledge. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality work, timely project completion as well as cost effective project solutions.

                   Sergio S. Elejalde