“PLAN is unique because we respond to our client’s desires positively, yet realistically. We deliver what we promise, but stretch ourselves in our commitments. Clients often challenge us with the more difficult projects because they know we can deliver.”

— Sergio S. Elejalde, President

Our Goal

We know our value and work hard to preserve it. Share your vision with us and we'll create the best possible environment for you. PLAN Construction, Inc. strides itself to provide cost effective solutions while maintaining exceeding value.

At every level of the company, all of our employees do business with the utmost level of integrity. We do what we say we're going to do and know the importance of consistency and accuracy. Our client focused services and immediate response rate helps us both stay with each other every step of the way to zero out any potential mishaps.

We understand that there's so much more to a project than just building it...